Printy Pots stands for the combination of Pretty + Prints + Pottery. This skilled technique involves hand designing and carving into linoleum prints followed by stamping into soft pottery clay. The results are pretty, aesthetically attractive designs, edifices, and objects perfect for your home or office.


I am a graphic designer with a passion for pottery. My pottery tends to mix my design background with the functionality of clay. I really love working with dirt. I have had a professional life as a graphic designer and has been teaching pottery classes for over a decade. I ran a pottery studio for about 10 years in Utah before moving out to DC 6 years ago. Since then, I have been teaching ceramics courses through D.C. Parks and Recreation Centers and creating pottery out of my home art studio in Washington, D.C. I received a BFA in Design from Utah State University.


Pottery is my passion! I studied ceramics and photography what is formerly known as “The Corcoran School of Art” in Washington, D.C. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I spent four years working for a private school where I taught art to high school students and worked part-time as a pottery instructor for the D.C. Parks and Recreation Centers. I opened my own pottery studio in 2005 and it has been one of the best decisions of my life! As I continue to work full-time in education, I also make art in my private studio in Washington, D.C.